AZDOME AR09 QuadHD 2CH Full Mirror Wifi Touch dashcam

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Product description

The AZDome AR09 Wifi Full Mirror is a high-end QuadHD + FullHD dashcam with a unique mirror or interior mirror design. This AZDome AR09 Wifi has a very large 9.66 inch Touchscreen LCD integrated in the full mirror that forms a digital interior mirror in combination with the FullHD rear camera. By using the rear camera, visibility through the mirror can be improved by up to 400%, especially in the dark and in bad weather conditions. The AR09 Wifi also has a parking position, G-sensor and the option to connect a GPS module so that coordinates and speed are recorded. You can also connect to the dashcam with any phone and tablet via WiFi.

Full-mirror design

The AZDome AR09 Wifi is a uniquely designed 2CH dashcam and can be placed over any interior mirror with the included rubber brackets. Due to its large 9.66 inch Touchscreen LCD screen, it forms a high-quality digital interior mirror. The rear camera is fully and very clearly displayed on the large screen and with one swipe on the screen you can switch between the front and rear camera.

At the touch of a button, the screen can also be switched off or put into 'standby' mode, showing the time and date. In this way, the AR09 Wifi functions as a normal interior mirror again.

Wi-Fi compatibility

Because the AZDome AR09 WiFi is equipped with WiFi, all images can be easily viewed via the smartphone. The WiFi has a range of about 10 meters. The AZDome App is available for iOS (Apple) and Android phones and tablets. The images can be viewed and downloaded via the app so that the SD card no longer needs to be removed from the camera.

Dashcam + parking assistance

Due to its handy design and rear camera, the AZDome AR09 Wifi is also ideal to use as a parking aid when parking. The rear camera comes with an extra cable to the power supply that can be connected to the power supply of the reversing light. If the car is put in reverse, this automatically displays the rear camera in a large screen together with parking aid indicators.  

Automatic Time Lapse parking mode

The AR09 Wifi Full Mirror has a handy automatic Time Lapse parking function to secure the car when it is parked. In this Time Lapse mode, the camera takes a photo every second and plays it later as a video. This has a distinctive character that makes it seem flushed. Thanks to the Time Lapse mode, the videos do not take up too much space and can therefore be recorded for a very long time without the SD card becoming full. In combination with the Continuous power supply, the parking position automatically engages when the car's ignition is switched off and normal recording resumes when the car is started.

Note : To use the parking mode, the Continuous power supply Mini USB 3-wire is required, the parking mode cannot be activated manually. 

2CH 2K + 1080p

The AZDome AR09 Wifi Full Mirror films with a sharp 2K resolution in 30fps at the front and with FullHD 1080p at the back, so that many details such as license plates and people are recognizable in the image. The rear camera is connected to the front camera with a long supplied cable of 6 meters and also receives power via this cable, so no additional power supply is required. 

For longer vehicles, a 10m extension cable is available for the rear camera (see accessories). Handy if you want to use the dashcam in a camper or caravan, for example.

Optional GPS

With the optional GPS module for the AZDome AR09 Wifi, the current coordinates are kept and the speed is also displayed on the screen. With the special software from AZDome, these coordinates can later display the locations of recorded images on the computer. 

128gb support

The AZDome AR09 Wifi Full Mirror supports MicroSD cards up to 128GB, which can be used to film in FullHD for about 24 hours.

150˚ + 130˚ wideview lens

This AR09 Wifi Full Mirror has a wide angle lens of 150 degrees on the front and 130 degrees on the back.

Car starts

The AZDome AR09 Wifi Full Mirror dashcam automatically starts filming when the car is started and stops filming when the car is turned off. So you no longer have to worry about it when it is hanging in the car. 


Thanks to the built-in G-sensor, the dashcam notices when you've had an accident. In the event of an impact, images are automatically stored securely so that they are no longer lost. They can no longer be overwritten and cannot be deleted via the dashcam.

12MP photos

In addition to the option to film, the AR09 Wifi Full Mirror also has the option to take photos in 12 megapixels. Handy for recording the damage after an accident, for example.

Built-in microphone

The AZDome AR09 Wifi Full Mirror has a built-in microphone so that sound is also recorded. The microphone can also be turned off if desired.

Date and time registration

The current time and date are always displayed on screen so that it can later be shown at what time the relevant recordings were made.

Handy USB cigarette power supply

This AZDome dashcam comes with a handy USB cigarette power supply of 3.5 meters with an extra USB port. The other USB port can be used to charge other devices such as your mobile phone.

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AZDOME AR09 QuadHD 2CH Full Mirror Wifi Touch dashcam