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Wireless tilt angle sensor ‘Escort DU-BLE’ is designed to measure the angle at which certain parts of the heavy machinery units tilt and thus help you monitor their activity.

Advantages of the wireless sensor ‘Escort DU-BLE’ compared to the wired ones:

  • wireless data transmission via Bluetooth connection under ‘Escort BLE Protocol’;
  • easy and quick to install - no need to worry about cabling;
  • easy configuration and tuning via Escort mobile app;
  • new work mode - Rotation (horizontal and vertical

Monitoring concrete mixers

Install ‘Escort DU-BLE’ wireless angle sensor on a concrete mixer and monitor the direction in which it rotates at any given time.

This will provide you with data on when and where every loading and unloading of the mixer took place making it easier to better control the work of the mixer.

Monitoring excavators

Wireless angle sensor ‘Escort DU-BLE’ can be installed on the excavators dipper arm to get reports on the movements of the dipper, their frequency, time spent working or idling.

This way you always know exactly how much work was done during a certain period of time.

Monitoring crane trucks

You can also implement ‘Escort DU-BLE’ sensor to control crane trucks’ work. Installed on the telescopic boom, it will report every time the boom moves up or down providing you with the data on the frequency of such movements and the time spent working.

Monitoring dump trucks

Installed on the dump truck's bed, wireless angle sensor ‘Escort DU-BLE’ will report every time the bed moves up to dump its load. This way you get the data on the exact time when the action took place, how long it took to complete the dump and how many dumps there were in general.

Monitoring trash trucks

You can also monitor the work of a trash truck by installing wireless tilt angle sensor ‘Escort DU-BLE’ on its arm. Measuring the angle at which the arm tilts, the sensor will report on its every movement providing you with data on the frequency of the movements, number of the containers lifted and time spent working. This will help you prevent the drivers from attempts to stray away from their course.

Monitoring plow trucks and graders

Plow mode of the ‘Escort DU-BLE’ angle sensor has been designed to monitor the activity of snow plows and grader blades.

Simply install it on the frame of a plow or a blade and collect all relevant data on every instance it was lowered and working or lifted and idling. If the driver has to lift the plow/blade to maneuver past obstacles or to turn around - no need to worry about false alarms because you can configure the sensor to ignore short-time lifts.

Monitoring combine harvesters

If you want to monitor the activity of the combine harvester’s header, you can install ‘Escort DU-BLE’ wireless angle sensor on the header’s frame and obtain the data on how low the header was going while harvesting crops. This data will help calculate the exact volume of your harvests.


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