Mielta KATANA Fuel Level Sensor 700mm IP68, RS485

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The Mielta Katana Fuel Level Sensor is specially designed for those who value the perfect price-quality ratio. The sensor took from its «elder brother» - the dut Mielta Zond - a verified, carefully selected component base, a solid vandal-resistant aluminium body, spark-proof power supply.

The sensor has metal tools for wiring. The universal connector, which has become a industry standard, facilitates the installation. 

The unified length of the measuring part of 70 cm allows the use of the sensor in a variety of spheres.

Due to the software processing of the data, the accuracy of the sensor measurement is not more than 1 per cent. Configurable frequency output and RS-485 digital interface with LLS protocol support at different data exchange speeds allow optimum configuration of control system for each object.

The advanced configuration and data exchange protocol, software update, password protection, configuration change log, and the possibility of storing the calibration table in combination with the PC configuration program allows to adjust the sensor flexibly and quickly.

Technical characteristics 


8 – 55 V


0,5 W


1 sеc


1-60 sеc




700 mm

Frequency output, maximum range

30-2048 Hz

Frequency output resolution

1 Hz

Frequency Outlet Lift to Power 

2 кОm

Frequency output current restriction    

100 mА

Rate RS485

9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 бод, 8n1


-40..+80 °С



The Mielta Katana fuel level sensor is an improved version of the Mielta Zond model and is distinguished by the presence of a one-piece shockproof aluminum housing and a metal hose for the connection cable. The connection with the receiving device is carried out via a universal RS485 connector, and the measurement error does not exceed one percent.

The sensor uses the method of measuring the capacitance of a linear capacitor. The capacitance value depends on the level of immersion in the dielectric liquid. The sensor is made in a rugged metal case with IP68 degree of protection, equipped with a flexible heat-resistant cable in a synthetic protective braid and a sealed connector. Mounted in a hole in the tank and has a flange for fastening with screws.

Mielta Katana has a measuring part of a convenient length, which allows you to operate this model with vehicles of various classes, as well as use the sensor for measurements in fuel storages and other containers. The body of the device is made according to the IP68 standard and is not afraid of the influence of machine oil or gasoline. The power supply of the model has spark protection and 3-zone galvanic isolation, which allows the sensor to be used with almost any power source and reading devices.

Before using the Sensor, it is necessary to calibrate it according to the “empty tank” and “full tank” values. These values ​​will correspond to the sensor readings of 0% and 100%, respectively.

Fuel tank calibration is the creation of a table for linking the sensor level readings to the actual volume of fuel in the tank. Calibration is performed for each container individually and is necessary to obtain readings in liters with a given accuracy and linearity. The more complex the shape of the container, the more calibration points need to be made. Most often, in practice, 20-40 calibration points are sufficient

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Mielta KATANA Fuel Level Sensor 700mm IP68, RS485

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